How to Clean oil Paintbrushes

How to clean oil paintbrush

How to clean oil paintbrush

The oil paintbrush is the artists’ ultimate tool to creating a magical masterpiece. This is why you have to remember to take good care of your brushes with regular cleaning and maintenance. Many artists tend to forget about this, and often have to spend a lot of money replacing their paintbrushes that have not been cleaned properly.


When you are cleaning, you must make sure all the paint is cleaned off your brush, otherwise the oil paint will dry and leave your brush damaged.


  1. Remove the excess paint on your brush, wiping using an old cloth or newspaper. This helps the cleaning process, as oil paints are difficult to remove.
  2. For this step you can use paint thinner, mineral spirits or turpentine. I prefer to use mineral spirits. Pour this into a container and swirl your brush around. This will loosen and remove the paint.
  3. Wipe the brush again with the cloth/newspaper.
  4. Use liquid soap to further clean and remove paint from the brush. Do this until all the paint is removed.
  5. Use water to wash off the soap and dry your brush.


This is the thorough and proper method of cleaning oil paint brushes and will guarantee that you remove all the excess oil paint. This will increase the lifetime of your oil paint brushes.


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