Buyers Guide to Acrylic Paintbrushes- Part 1

The paintbrush is an artists ultimate tool for weaving colors over the canvas. As you paint, you will get to be progressively acquainted with the way the brushes handle the paint and what they can achieve for you. This indispensable knowledge is important to helping you further your skills in painting.


Paintbrushes for acrylics come in various shapes and sizes. The shapes and sizes of the brushes you decide to work with will depend essentially on the size of the area you are working on and the technique you are trying to perfect.


When you first start something, the experience is always daunting. Especially when you find yourself lost in a sea of paintbrushes at your local craft store. Hopefully this guide will give you some insight and understanding into the paintbrushes suitable for each technique you are trying to perfect.


There are 8 fundamental sorts of craftsman paintbrushes that are used with acrylics.


Filbert Paint Brush:

These brushes have a level and oval - moulded end with medium to long hairs.

They are often used for mixing, outlining edges like blossom petals. It is a blend of the rounds and level/flat brushes. They can be used for detail and covering larger areas.


Round Paint Brush:

If you are working on a piece that requires detail, this is the brush for you. These have a round or pointed tip. It makes a range of lines thick and thin - slim at the tip, getting to be more extensive with greater pressure. This brush is useful for drawing, delineating, point - by - point work, and controlled washes.


Bright Paint Brush:

This is a brush useful for short controlled strokes and thick, bold coloring. It is similar to a flat brush but with shorter bristles and the edges curve inwards at the tip. Artists often find it easier to use than the flat brush, as it hold more paint and achieves a bolder color.


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