What are Mineral Spirits

What are mineral spirits in art

What are mineral spirits in art

Mineral spirits are a type of solvent used in painting. It’s an alternative to conventional turpentine and can also be used for thinning and cleaning paintbrushes. Many professional painters prefer this to other thinners and solvents due to the fact that it is very mild and has low volatility.


Low odour


Mineral spirits have very little odour in comparison to the traditional paint solvent. They are more refined and artists often find them easier to work with.


You can also use smaller quantities


In the production process, mineral spirits go through a more vigorous distillation process. This means that they are more concentrated and a smaller amount can be used while cleaning paintbrushes and thinning paint. Many artists prefer this as mineral spirits last them a longer period of time than paint thinner.




Mineral spirits are more expensive than paint thinners - however they last much longer. This more or less balances out the price difference. Turpentine however, is more expensive than mineral spirits. If you are doing oil painting, I would recommend that you use turpentine for thinning as it is more compatible with oils.


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