Different artist paints- Buyers Guide Part 1

It all comes down to one question - whether you are completely new to the world of painting, or if you are already a budding artist, the question we often hear is Which paint do I pick? All paints have different properties and are used to create a distinctive style. Acrylics, oils and different sorts of paints will be introduced in this guide. I will also be going through their unique properties and characteristics.


Acrylic paint is made from blending a polymer cover with a pigment and is water dissolvable. It is very forgiving medium and can be thinned out with water or acrylic media extenders and gels. It can be utilized as a part of a comparative system as watercolor utilizing layers of washes and wet on wet methods. It can likewise be utilized as a part of a thick impasto.


Acrylics are different to oil paints and a good option for beginners. They dry very quickly and are a lot more versatile to allow layering and depth into your work. There are also new acrylic paints available now that dry fairly fast and can be worked more like oils.


One of the more traditional paints, oil paint is a blend of pigments and a linseed oil fastener. Oil sketches are known for their profound rich tones and is an excellent medium utilized for a considerable length of time. Oils take weeks to dry and ought to be fixed with a varnish after a few months. Oil paint is thinned with turpentine or a mixture of turpentine, linseed oil and sometimes mineral oil.


Gouache is a misty, sort of powdery water based paint. This is a medium for more experienced artists as is can be difficult to get an even consistency. Its lack of translucency make is hard to work in usual methods of color layering. This is a paint often described as being similar to a concentrated watercolor.


Watercolor is a famous paint for its simple clean up and excellent translucent colors. It is a water - based medium and a great choice for those of you just starting to enter the painting scene. Watercolors come in squares and tubes and are also incredible for kids to use. Watercolor paintings are regularly done on archival paper with delicate brushes. Layering is also easy and color can be removed by simply using water. This is a great paint for all ages.


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